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From Visa Processing to Employment, Pelekh Agency Covers Everything To Assist Clients with Jobs In Western Europe: GoodFirms

Company Introduction


Pelekh Agency, founded in 2002, is a Ukraine-based company comprising a conscientious and freedom-loving team that works tirelessly to help professionals settle in Western Europe, both temporarily and permanently. The team members help clients to work in different countries because they are the ones who, in difficult times, protect their family or work from home, if needed. The firm helps professionals settle in countries like the USA, Portugal, Poland, Israel, Canada, Germany, Hungary, and many other countries.


Pelekh Agency has been in this business for eighteen years, and during these years, they have helped many professionals to find jobs by taking care of the processes at every stage.


How Is GoodFirms Research Process Different


GoodFirms is a B2B portal that has its headquarter in Washington D.C. This website consists of different companies ranked and registered under separate categories. These companies are categorized on the website after the veteran researchers of the GoodFirms team evaluate companies on Quality, Reliability, and Ability attributes. And these parameters play a crucial role in assisting service seekers in choosing a reliable partner for their businesses.


The GoodFirms team evaluated Pelekh Agency on the attributes mentioned above. It concluded that they had passed the evaluation process and became a reliable firm helping clients to get a job in various parts of the country.


Business Services


The hard-working professionals at Pelekh Agency help clients who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and work far off from home. Since its inception, Pelekh Agency has helped numerous clients shift to European countries and work in a reliable and stable company. To assist professionals, the team handles everything from visa application submission to worker re-employment. Because the team does not discriminate against their clients based on their age, religion, or culture, the work process is non-partial. Most importantly, they treat men and women equally.


After assigning Pelekh Agency to take care of the job, the clients can completely trust the process. This is because the team promises complete confidentiality about the personal information and data they have. Moreover, they also help clients with visa problems. And by doing so, they take responsibility for monitoring and controlling the employment process to assure that the clients are safe with them.


During their business course, Pelekh Agency has supported many clients in finding jobs. To ensure the clients do not get cheated, the representatives personally check the work residence. Plus to help the partners find the right personals they make a personal selection of people to fill suitable vacancies. In addition to all these, the firm promises to always be with their clients to not land in any trouble. Thus for supporting clients to grab a job opportunity, Pelekh Agency is on GoodFirms radar as one of the top business services companies at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

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