No to discrimination
Sex, age and religious denomination of our client are not important for us. We treat male and female equally.
No slavery
We do not charge any commissions from the salaries. Please, keep in mind, firms that ask a low price for their services, have 45% of your salary, and herewith you may not know about it.
Visa and insurance
We guarantee our clients will get visas in case there is no criminal problems earlier and deportation marks in passports.
One of the most important terms for us is confidentiality. By trusting us your personal information, be sure of nondisclosure of information.
Security guarantee
We follow and control each stage of your employment. You will be always in safe with us!
Our specialists constantly monitor the process of work and places of accommodation of our clients. We never leave our people in the lurch.

Best job for the best people!
Recruitment agency for employment abroad.

More than 100 million of European citizens work abroad temporarily or permanently. People that are ready to make serious changes to their comfort zone are usually hard-working and freedom-loving. In the time of need they are always ready to protect and help their families, and in a difficult time for their situation, they are ready to work even far from home, but to be assured that their relatives are all well.
Pelekh Agency has been working on employing abroad for more than 16 years by now. By this time we've helped to get a job for  thousands of our clients all over the world. While carrying out our work we monitor every stage of employment, from the filing of documents for a visa, to the re-employment abroad without the need to leave the country of residence. Our partners abroad are time-tested, stable and reliable companies.



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